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Over decades, the state of Karnataka, especially the city of Bengaluru, held sway over the incense sticks or agarbatti manufacture in India. Primarily, this was due to easier availability of raw material in that region.

Nowadays, with superior transport facilities leading to easier access to raw material, agarbatti manufacturing business idea is rapidly spreading to other parts of India.

The agarbatti market in India is estimated at whopping Rs.3,500 crore annually and growing. Indian-made agarbattis are also making rapid inroads into foreign countries.

Agarbatti manufacturing is one of the small scale manufacturing businesses that show promise of exponential growth over coming years.



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With power failures rampant in several parts of India, candles are in great demand. Understandably, there is a huge market for candles of all shapes and sizes.

Nowadays, one can buy small candles used on birthday cakes to jumbo sized ones used for providing light during power outages. Candles are also used for religious ceremonies and rituals.

Additionally, a huge market for other wax products for offering at churches and other religious shrines or for decorative purpose also exists.

Making candles and wax products is fairly easy and has a ready market across the country. This makes candle and wax products making a great small scale industry idea.

Manufacturing Exotic soaps


India is a land of exotic herbs and spices that possess medicinal qualities. Lots of these herbs and spices have beneficial effects when applied on the skin.

Further, Indians, by nature, lay heavy emphasis on bathing and freshness every morning.

All you need is little study into beneficial effects of certain herbs and spices on the skin and blended with the simple process of making soap.

Making exotic bathing soaps can help you enter the small scale manufacturing business that promises rich returns.

Indian bread (Chapati/ Paratha)


Almost every major city or industrial zone is witnessing an unchecked influx of single people- men and women. They converge on these cities, towns for employment.

Consequently, they are forced to live in accommodations that do not permit cooking or lack time and inclination to prepare their own meals.

Nowadays, another trend is for both spouses to work, to earn extra income to meet rising inflation or for better lifestyle. Chappatis, roti and parathas are staples of the Indian diet and most meals are incomplete without these types of bread.

A growing number of small scale manufacturers are now producing these Indian breads on industrial basis and selling them in convenient packs at economical rates.

Machines to knead dough and bake these breads are available at fairly reasonable prices.

Paper bags and envelopes manufacturing


Undoubtedly, recycling is fast gaining momentum. This is due to growing awareness for the need to preserve our environment.

You too can help preserve the environment while making money by opening a small scale manufacturing business that makes paper bags and envelopes.

Since this is a manpower intensive small scale business, you will also play a key role in providing employment. Generally, paper bags are made of discarded newspapers and similar material.

These bags and envelopes are in high demand with large supermarkets, pharmacies and other retailers. Especially, since they cost lesser and impart a great impression about the retailer being environment conscious.

Raw material you need is available aplenty and equipment such as cutters is inexpensive.

Disposable plates, cups and crockery


Parties, celebrations and picnics are round-the-year events. Nowadays, almost no host or organizers bothers to offer ceramic, melamine or metal plates, cups, forks and spoons to guests, invitees or participants.

Instead, they rely upon food-grade plastic and Styrofoam plates and cups, forks, spoons and knives for guests to relish their food.

Understandably, since they are inexpensive, lightweight and disposable. Meaning, it saves them the bother of washing. Paper plates and cups are also common nowadays.

Street-side food vendors also use paper plates and cups. Keeping in mind this heavy reliance upon disposable plates, cups and plastic crockery, you too can open a small scale manufacturing business producing these products.

The market is huge and all parties get a slice of the pie.

Concrete blocks manufacturing business


Rest assured, India is witnessing a construction boom. This applies both- to civil construction including residential buildings to large infrastructural projects such as bridges and industrial units.

Especially in the building sector, the earlier trend of using traditional bricks is fast becoming extinct. Instead, these ubiquitous reddish-brown bricks are being fast replaced by concrete blocks of various types.

Understandably, with pressures to complete housing and other building projects faster, builders are constantly on look out for reliable suppliers of readymade concrete blocks.

Indeed, in some cases, the demand is so high, that builders are willing to pay premiums to procure these concrete blocks.

Setting up a small scale manufacturing business of concrete blocks of various sizes is inexpensive while returns are assured and high.

Spice powders manufacturing


Indian cuisine heavily relies on myriad blend of spices. Admittedly there are giant players in the market. However, they have one inherent drawback.

Large manufacturers do not take into consideration, local or ethnic tastes. Instead, their spice powders are somewhat generic in nature.

Consequently, a small scale manufacturing business that makes spices suited to cuisines of certain or specific ethnicities will find a good market.

However, to enter into this business, you will require astute knowledge about the proportion of spices that will go into each powder.

You can decide upon the size of the package you plan to offer since stale spice powders lose their punch.

Papad & Sago Fritters


Papad and sago (sabudana) fritters are in demand all year round. Preparing them is very simple. It does not require a lot of manpower.

All you require to setup this manufacturing business are proper recipes and basic equipment that includes a gas stove, utensils and plastic sheets for drying.

And of course, the basic ingredients that go into these foodstuff such as flour, sago and spices. You might also need food grade plastic wrappers and a sealing machine.

These are available at fairly low prices in the market. Papads and sago fritters made at home or by small scale manufacturers are readily bought by stores or cooperatives who sell them at a premium.

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