India ITME Society Amongst India's Top 10 Exhibition Organisers.


Best amongst the most deserving, India ITME Society was conferred jointly by The Economic Times & IEIA Open Seminar as India's Top 10 Exhibition Organisers & INDIA ITME Exhibition ranked as India's 1st Runner up in Top B2B Exhibition, at Award function held at HITEX Exhibition Centre, on 10th May 2018. A proud mom ent for the Society with a new feather in the cap. This is the 3rd award this year for the Society.

With an enviable growth of 54% in 2012 & 47% in 2016, India ITME Society has inched its way up to the top slot in the last 40 years. Today the events by INDIA ITME Society are globally acknowledged in the top rank by not only the textile & textile engineering industry but also has become landmark Exhibition & prestige for India.

A non-profit organization, India ITME Society strives hard  to  provide  quality service to the  exhi bitors in generating  business, bringing together  investors  & entrepreneurs,  mo bilizing joint ventu res, facilitating one to  one interaction  bet ween  the  officials &  the industry,  disseminating     knowledge     to   the academician,  thus touching  lives and  prosperity in all  aspects for the industry & business.

The Society offers key B2B exhibitions i.e.  GTTES 2019 (18th – 20th January 2019), ITME 2020, IIN Zone (Online  Networking  Portal)   creating   maximum  opportunities for exhibitors & the Industry.

  • India ITME Society has proved to be the best catalyst for     Growth   &   Techno  logical  Excellence   today, weaving  success    story   one after another for   Textiles   &   Textile Engineering   Industry   not   only in India  but  across the globe.


Depreciating Rupee Fails To Cheer Apparel Exporters


The apparel exporters have failed to cheer the depreciating rupee against the US dollar for a change. There are good reasons for it.  

Even though the rupee fell to INR 68 per dollar by a steep six percent quantum, apparel exports to US have not picked up or benefited from this trend. In fact the fall in apparel exports value for the seventh consecutive month in April stood at 22.76%.

A year earlier, in April 2017, the ready-made garment (RMG) sector had a total export value worth of USD 1.747 billion. In the current year, the number has declined to USD 1.349 billion. 

The trend continuing for seven months since October 2017 comes as an aftermath of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) implementation. In the post GST regime Indian exports have been rendered uncompetitive as the system is not conducive for exports.

The new regime has resulted in the rise of cost of working capital for the exporters. In addition, they face an acute cash crunch due to delays in the refund of taxes paid. 

However, the manufacturers are not all glum about the depreciating rupee.  “If Rupee remains at 68/69 levels for the next few months, it can offset the loss of Duty Drawback to some extent and may see a growth of three-to-five per cent,” said Rahul Mehta, Presi dent, Clothing Manufac turers Association of India.

According to a spokesman from the exporters’ body, “While consumption in the international market is growing at around one to two per cent, competition is increasing too, as the business sees new entrants like Myanmar and Ethiopia. Competitors’ currencies are also depreciating, but they don’t have problems that Indian exporters do.”

The Apparel Export Promotion Council also sounded the cautionary note, stating, “Fall in apparel exports has led to a decline in production.

According to the latest IIP figures, India's apparel production fell 18.6 per cent in the month of March and saw a decline of 11 per cent for the period 2017-18.” 


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