ludhiana news headlines- november 2018

Sting operation at parking lots


Oct 4, 2018: The Municipal Corporation on Saturday carried out a sting operation at three parking lots of Bhadaur House, Mall Road and Feroze Gandhi Market and exposed the violations of parking norms by the contractors’ employees. The sting operation was conducted by Joint Commissioner Kulpreet Singh following the media reports highlighting the blatant violations of parking norms by parking contractors, including overcharging of parking fee. 

Construction of Govt College East begins


Oct 4, 2018: The construction of new building of Government College East was inaaugurated on Saturday by MP Ravneet Singh Bittu in the presence of Ludhiana East MLA Sanjay Talwar, besides several others. This new government college, only the third in city, started classes for the students of first batch on a temporary basis from the Community Centre of Sector 39 on Chandigarh Road here. The college would operate from this building till the time the building is constructed.

The building for this college would be constructed on five acres of prime land located opposite Vardhman Mill on Chandigarh Road and funds amounting to Rs 12.5 crore would be spent.

The first batch comprised 80 students of BA first year and from next session, the number would go up and new courses, such as BCom and BBA, would also be started here. 

Ludhiana ready for many Developments - Bittu / Talwar


Oct 4, 2018: MP Mr Ravneet Singh Bittu today said that a comprehensive plan has been prepared for by the Municipal Corporation Ludhiana. He said that MC would carry out development works of more than Rs 600 crore in next six months time for the development of Ludhiana city. 

Sanjay Talwar, MLA Ludhiana East, told that development projects worth several hundred crores  for the Ludhiana East constituency were in the pipeline. These projects include an exhibition centre for industry on eight-acre  land at a cost of Rs 125 crore, roads along the Budha Nullah at a cost  of around Rs 50 crore, Eastend Club on four-acre land at a cost of Rs  100 crore, besides several others.   

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opinion - wasteful creation of traffic chaos

Are these flyovers and double roads really helping Ludhiana?

Flyovers and double roads help in resolving traffic chaos but it needs proper planning and a better vision to create worthful items.

The municipal corporation over the past 20 years has made many changes to the way roads look in the city of Ludhiana, but how much the pressure on roads have released? Wonder... the case is worse! 

Then what is the right way. 

Is there a planned effort to ignore cycle tracks in Ludhiana because the govt. earns a lot from sale of petrol?

Is there a planned effort never to think about penalizing the car drivers of the city for causing unnecessary chaos and traffic jams in the minor roads or streets of the city? 

Is there a planned effort to whatever amount of funds may be released, electric poles will never be fixed underground.

To be continued...

FIRST IN LUDHIANA - laparo-endoscopic procedure ludhiana news

SPS Hospital Doctors invent painless surgery for Bile Duct stones to help patient having altered gastric anatomy


September 13, 2018: Perhaps in this first ever incident in Ludhiana or may be in North India, a team of SPS hospital doctors comprising (from left) Dr. Arindam Ghosh, Dr. Narinder Singh Malhi, Dr. Jasmeet S. Dhingra & Dr. Naresh Anand) have conducted  successfully a hybrid LAPARO-ENDOSCOPIC procedure on a 50 year old female patient to remove her complicated bile duct stone. The patient had recently had a bariatric surgery and as such routine ERCP was not possible and open abdominal surgery was not advisable. The patient recovered completely and was discharged from hospital within 3 days of the procedure. 

Ganpati Baba welcomed in Ludhiana through a cake party


Ganpati Baba welcomed in Ludhiana by local Bakers making a 4 Ft. image



World Physiotherapy Day: Joint Replacement & Physiotherapy Unit Inaugurated at Aykai Hospital



Ludhiana, 8th September, 2018

Dr. A. S. Passi (Fellowship in Joint Replacement Surgeries from Medanta, Gurgoan) Chief Surgeon, Joint Replacement Unit, Aykai Hospital, Ludhiana, while giving information regarding Physiotherapy said Why Exercises are important and how we can save our joints from replacement? As we get older, all organs in our body change with time. Bone mass and density decreases, Joint inflammation and cartilage degeneration often occur due to arthritis. But we can modify our daily lifestyle to keep our joints healthy and painfree.

Thirty minutes of physical activity a day can help individuals feel good and prevent many medical conditions. Even individuals with chronic conditions, such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, can benefit from a balanced fitness program. Exercise can help you improve your health and fitness without hurting your joints. But even after modifying routine lifestyle, patients might continue to have pain and impairment in quality of life. Not all patients having joints pain need joint replacement. There is medical treatment and physiotherapy programme which can change the course of disease. Small / Minor surgeries (osteotomies) can be done which will help avoid / delay joint replacement in future. Some patients if not relieved with all modalities might need joint replacement also. 

Aykai hospital is a multi facility medical research  institute cum hospital founded by Dr. B S Aulakh with world class infrastructure and facilities required for a safe long lasting treatment of different types of life threatening diseases at affordable prices for all classes of patients.

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She "Ik Udaan" Educational & Cultural event for cancer awareness


September 11: Generating awareness among women towards causes of and precautions against cancer is the object of this cultural event to be organized by R K Communications at Guru Nanak Bhawan on October 6, 2018. Speaking to CITY VIBES Amarjeet Kaur, renowned social worker and founder of R K Communications told that this event is being organized to help educate women from weaker sections of society to safeguard their interests against such life threatening diseases.  






Ludhiana, August 29:
        City cricketer Nehal Wadhera has been selected for the U-19 Indian squad for the upcoming Asia Cup to be held at Dhaka (Bangladesh) from September 29, 2018 onwards. Nehal would also be a part of the India A and India B squads in the four-nation tournament to be played in Lucknow from September 12-18, 2018.
        Young middle order batsman from Sarabha Nagar area of city had recently participated in the U-19 tour of Sri Lanka in July, where he had stunned everyone by scoring two half centuries. In the first test match against Sri Lanka, Nehal scored a brilliant 82 and interestingly, he started his international career by hitting a six .In the second test match, he scored 64 runs.
        Otherwise known as a very steady and composed scorer, Nehal recently scored 89% marks in his class twelfth examination. Known as Mr Dependable amongst his peers in the state team, Nehal scored maximum number of half centuries in U-19 cricket tournament, Coach Behar Trophy last season.
        Nehal’s father Kamal Wadhera, who runs BetterThink and TCY group of institutes, informed that immediately after the Sri Lanka tour, he has been busy playing Inter District U-19 and then FC Mittal Trophy and his performance was impressive. He recently did a jaw dropping 118 against Amritsar in U-19 tournament.
        His mother Gurpreet Wadhera, a former professors, said, “His world has always revolved around sports, particularly cricket. Since childhood, his temperament always surprised us. We all hope that he would score really well in the upcoming Asia Cup as well.”


Ludhiana, August 22 (000)-The National Legal Services Authority has started Compensation Scheme-2018 for women, victim of sexual abuse and other crimes.

Deputy Commissioner Mr. Pardeep Kumar Agrawal apprised that under this scheme, if any woman dies due to any crime, she will get compensation of Rs.5 lakh to Rs.10 lakh, in a case of gang rape Rs.5 lakh to Rs.10 lakh and Rs.4 lakh to Rs.7 lakhs compensation would be given in rape case. He said that apart from this, there is also a provision for compensation up to Rs.1 lakh to Rs.8 lakh in any kind of mental and physical incompetence or any kind of disability.

Deputy Commissioner said that any victim or her dependent can apply for compensation at district level in the office of District Legal Services Authority or can apply online at the web portal of Punjab State Legal Services Authority at state level. He said that for more information anyone can contact with the office of the District Legal Services Authority


 लुधियाना 21: अगस्त नूरावाला रोड पंचशील कलोनी स्थित श्री रघुनाथ मंदिर में भोले बाबा की फौज की ओर से सावन के महीने के आखरी सोमवार को भगवान भोलेनाथ का जल अभिषेकशिव भोले बाबा का श्रृंगार ,शिव तांडव ,महाआरती व् छप्पन भोग और विशाल भण्डारे का आयोजन किया गया यह आयोजन विपन विनायक,अतुल तलवाड़,दीपक कुमार प्रजापत,नरिंदर कुमार महेन्द्रू (गौरव),दलीप चन्द बीटन(न्यू अमर सवीट),अर्जुन विनायक,रोमी थापर की अध्यक्षता में किया गया | इस मौके हल्का पूर्वी के विधायक संजय तलवाड़,वार्ड नंबर दो के कॉन्सलर बलदेव बावा व् वार्ड नंबर तीन के कॉन्सलर पल्लवी विनायक ने भी मंदिर पहुंच कर भोले बाबा के चरणों में हाजरी लगाई। मंदिर के पंडित मधुसूदन ने सबसे पहले विधि पूर्वक पूजन करवाया और बाद में भगवान भोलेनाथ का फूलो से सुन्दर श्रृंगार किया गया | भगवान भोलेनाथ की ढोल नगाड़ो के साथ भोले बाबा की महाआरती नीलकण्ड शिवाला महाआरती सेवा मंडल,शमशान घाट ,सुभाषनगर की ओर से की गई |आरती की समाप्ति पर विशाल लंगर का आयोजन भी किया गया |इस अवसर पर पवन तलवाड,विजय कनोजिया,गुरप्रीत सिंह,सुरेश महेन्द्रू,संदीप कुमार सन्नी,डिप्टी कक्कड़(मंदिर प्रधान),शाम सुन्दर सहगल(मंदिर चेयरमैन),रजेश सरीन,नरेश सरीन,सन्नी सतीजा ,रमेश बजाज, एवं सहगल, शम्मी कुमार,नरेश जैन,बॉबी शर्मा,सुरिन्द्र लालू,राजवीर,प्रतीक शर्मा,संदीप,अंकुश शर्मा,मदन लाल,गुलजारी लाल,नंदलाल कपूर,वरुण कुमार,अजय सचदेवा, छिन्मस्तिका परिवार की ओर से लक्की शर्मा,मनोहर लाल जैन,अंकित जैन, अमित गुप्ता,विकास गुप्ता,पंकज जैन ,बॉबी शर्मा ,संचित जैन आदि उपस्थित थे |