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Do you feel bad after seeing the bad aspects of society? 

Do you wish to do anything for your locality, community, city, state or country? 

Do you feel that waiting for others to do something for the society is a mere wastage of time? 

Do you feel that we are still living in the age old systems created by British for their own motives and our new society needs system level changes? 

Do you feel our govt. is unable to fulfill the demands of citizens? 

Do you feel our society is being run by corrupt people and through jungleraj? 

Do you want to do something for the betterment of society?  

Do you feel lonely at such times and wish you had friends with whom you could share your feelings and do some joint effort to clean the society? 

Do you want to be a part of an organization?  

Today electronic media has fallen to the trap of TRP and creates news or shows news in its own way that is far from truth. Print media on the other hand is still considered more trustworthy. Print media journalists are prone to presenting more truthful picture of society.

CITY VIBES is an organization with strong journalistic ethics, we don’t create sensational stories. We just show the truths of life as they are. At CITY VIBES journalism is worship. We act as flag-bearers of truth in society Doing journalism at CITY VIBES is a matter of pride. Here the trainees learn journalism in company of experienced pros and know the right path to follow in journalistic practices. 

Today, the purpose of journalism at CITY VIBES is to make the citizens fearless, selfless and unbiased by removing their ignorance and making them aware of true facts. India is known for its unity in diversity. Today we need to take the country forward by uniting all the castes, religions and classes. We need to respect the different segments of our society equally and to try to make them confidant and self reliant. This is possible only by providing them adequate work opportunities.


CITY VIBES is keen to unite the young and not so young from the society, make them financially self reliant, make them aware and then move them to the path of social welfare to help poor and helpless sections of society by raising their voice through CITY VIBES and to help in eradication of social evils like corruption, nepotism, powertronics etc. 

We hope that by associating with CITY VIBES you will achieve new heights in the field of media. You will make people aware of many govt. schemes, self employment schemes, bank loan services, legal aid to people, justice for common man etc. Our group is daily achieving new milestones with the joining of many respected people from different segments of society. 

Today in our society rich man can use his money power to come out clear even after committing heinous of the crimes but a common man has to bear the brunt of torture by govt. machinery even for negligible mistakes. Many officials understand just the language of bribes and power. Media is the fourth pillar of society that has the power to make a common man powerful and fight for justice. Media power helps a common man to defeat evil forces successfully. 

JOIN NOW with this organization to show enlightening path of help and clean society to young male and females of our society. Make them powerful, self reliant, journalist trainee, small start up entrepreneur and a responsible citizen and earn for you a good income in bargain. CITY VIBES spends the money received from memberships towards welfare of society by raising the voice of common man, towards motivating members, towards direct help to needy members of society. Our target is to reach maximum people as soon as possible to help the maximum people from society. 


ARE YOU INTERESTED? YOU MAY DOWNLOAD THE REQUISITE Membership Form, take its printout, fill it, sign it and send us a scanned copy of the same along with copies of self attested ID proofs. 

A brief explanation of financial aspects has been provided in WHY CVM

Once we receive the filled Form, we will allot you a Membership ID after which you are required to deposit Membership Fee

The third item is the specimen of Membership Card that every member will get. The attached one belongs to chief editor.

To open the files, you may need to call at: 98154 29998