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Ludhiana has 363 senior secondary, 367 high, 324 middle, 1129 primary, and pre-primary recognised Schools, with a total of 398,770 students. Around 5000 coaching centres and tuition centres target these students 


Ludhiana is a hub of small scale industries and hence small scale entrepreneurship is the most important career option, besides the other opportunities like govt. or public / private sector jobs and overseas options.


Choosing a right education or career path according to will and skill of the student is one of the most important decisions in the life of a person. For any enquiries call 98154-29998


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ludhiana education news

Vertical garden comes up on school campus



Diwali was celebrated at the Nirdosh School for Mentally Challenged at Sarabha Nagar by setting up of a vertical garden on the school campus.

Binay Kumar Jha, Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, and social worker Shobha Sanwalka were the chief guests on the occasion. 

The children also participated in the setting up of the vertical garden and planted saplings in the garden also. 

They were given gifts, sweets and crackers. Co-chairperson from the organisation Alka Chhabra interacted with the children and spoke about how to burn crackers and play safe during Diwali. 

Chairperson of the Nirdosh School for Mentally Challenged Madhu Khosla said all festivals were celebrated at the school with the children. The students were also told about the significance of each festival as well, she said. 

Pvt colleges resent release of meagre SC grant


It has been officially learnt that the government has released an amount of Rs 84 crore out of nearly Rs 400 crore as scholarship amount for the session 2015-16, and the further release for the given session stands closed. The meagre release has created a hullaballoo among private colleges who were waiting for it not only to stabilise their financial position, but also to pay salary to their staff, which has not been released in some cases for more than a year now.

“This is indeed a ‘Black Diwali’ not only for SC students, but all educational institutions, managements, principals and staff. No one shall ever trust such a government henceforth,” rued one of the principals of a college. 

Principal of Guru Nanak National College, Doraha, Narinder Singh Sidhu said, “Out of Rs 8,220,849, Rs 1,633,358 has arrived, and Rs 6,587,491 is still pending.”

“The colleges are on the verge of closure as they have not charged from these students and were entirely depending on the release of this amount to pay salary to its staff pending for the past more than six months. It is indeed a great jolt from the government. The colleges have completely lost faith in the false promises of the government,” rued a principal.

Teachers threaten to continue protest till demands are met


 Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) and Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) teachers said in the name of regularisation, the government was doing injustice and they would continue their protest till their demands were met.

The Education Department on the other hand had already issued notices to teachers to join the services and teachers have been transferred also. Notifications are also being issued for not joining services and the threat of termination of their services looms large. But the teachers who are protesting said they would not budge. In fact, some of the SSA and RMSA teachers who were issued show-cause notices for “different reasons” have been asked to report to the office in a couple of days.

“If this is what teachers have to go through, why would the next generation take up teaching. From whom should teachers expect justice when the Education Department itself is following the path of injustice. Rather than commending us for the sacrifices we have made all these years of getting low pay, the government is bent upon exploiting us further,” said one of the  teachers.

 Amandeep Daddahur, SSA/RMSA Union president, said, “The government can transfer or suspend us or terminate our services, but our struggle will not stop and we will not rest until we are given the salary we deserve.” 

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Book on Guru Angad Dev released


The Teachers’ Association of the Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU) organised a function to release a book on Guru Angad Dev, the second Guru of the Sikhism.

Dr Shashi Mahajan, secretary of the association, said book titled ‘Guru Angad Sobha’ written by Dr Avtar Singh was released in an impressive function. Dr Avtar Singh took 16 years to do research, collect information and document in the form of 625-page book. GADVASU Vice-Chancellor AS Nanda was the chief guest on the occasion.

Dr Nanda said this book would be a new and informative document on the second master. 



ISCE Schools in Ludhiana

1. Sacred Heart Convent School

2. Sacred heart Sr. Sec. School

3. Satpal Mittal School

4. Ram Lal Bhasin School

CBSE Schools in Ludhiana


  1. A S Modern School 
  2. Air Force School 
  3. Akal Academy 
  4. Alpine International      School 
  5. Amrit Indo Canadian      Academy 
  6. Anand Isher Sr. Sec. Public      School 
  7. Angel Heart Convent      School 
  8. Atam Devki      Niketan 
  9. BCM Arya Model Senior      Secondary School 
  10. Bahadur Chand Munjal Arya      Model School 
  11. BCM School, Basant      Avenue 
  12. BCM Senior Secondary      School 
  13. Bharti Vidya Mandir Sr. Sec.      School, Ludhiana
  14. Bal Bharati Public      School 
  15. Bhai      Sahib Randhir Singh Academy 
  16. Blooming Buds      School 
  17. Bloosom Convent      School 
  18. CFC Public School 
  19. Darshan Academy 
  20. DAV Public School, Ludhiana
  21. DAV Police SchoolDelhi      Public School
  22. Doraha Public School
  23. D N Model Sr Sec      School 
  24. DCM Presidency      School 
  25. Don Bosco Global      School 
  26. Doon Valley Cambridge      School 
  27. Dr Saif-ud-din Kitchlu      Mem. Public School 
  28. Drishti Dr. R.c.jain      Innovative Public School 
  29. East Wood      International School 
  30. G H G Academy 
  31. Garden Valley      International School 
  32. Golden Earth Convent      School 
  33. GGN Public School 
  34. GMT Sen Sec Public School
  35. Govt Sen Sec School      Kheri 
  36. Govt. Sr. Sec. School
  37. GRD Academy
  38. Greenland Public      School 
  39. GSSS Ayali Khurd 
  40. Guru Gobind Singh Public      School 
  41. Guru Nanak International Sr.      Sec. Public School
  42. Guru Nanak Public School
  43. Green      Land Convent School 
  44. Green Valley Convent School 
  45. Green Valley Public      School 
  46. Greenland Convent      School 
  47. Gujrawala Guru Nanak      Public School 
  48. Guru Hargobind Sr Sec      Public School 
  49. Guru Nanak      International Public School
  50. HVM Convent School, Ludhiana 
  51. Jain Public Sr Sec School 
  52. Kundan Vidya Mandir 
  53. MGM Public School 
  54. Nankana Sahib Public      School 
  55. Partap Public School 
  56. R.S.model Sr Sec School
  57. Ryan International      School 
  58. SGN International School 
  59. Sacred Heart Convent      School 
  60. Sacred Heart Sen. Sec.      School Brs Nagar
  61. Sant Isher Singh Ji Memorial      Public School Karamsar Rara Sahib  
  62. Saraswati Modern      School 
  63. Shamrock Christian      School 
  64. Shifaly International      School 
  65. Shivalik Wala Doon      School 
  66. Spring Dale Sen. Sec. Public      School 
  67. St R K Public School 
  68. St. Thomas Sr. Sec. School
  69. Sutlej Public Senior      Secondary School 
  70. USPC Jain Public School

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PSEB Affiliated schools in ludhiana


Everest Model School

R S Model School

B C M Shastri Nagar


Government School  New Subhash Nagar  9023185355

Govt Kaniya Sec School  Alamgir  

Govt Sr. Sec. School  Habran  9417420729

Govt Sr. Sec. School  Habran  9417420729

Govt Sr. Sec. School  Vill-Kandeana Kalan  9417799838

Govt Sr. Sec. School  Butahri  

Govt Sr. Sec. School  Poheer  

Govt Sr. Sec. School  Katra Chuharam  

Govt Sr. Sec. School  Kalakh  

Govt Sr. Sec. School  Dehlo 2850898

Govt Sr. Sec. School  Vill-Mangat  

Govt Sr. Sec. School  Vill-Chhota  2836429

Govt Sr. Sec. School  Narangwal Kalan  2864221

Govt Sr. Sec. School  Samitry Road  

Govt Elementary High School Jasowal  

Govt Elementary School  Khanpur  

Govt Elementary School  Jasarr  2817931

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Kka  95010180283

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Meharban  9872990958

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Khvajke  

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Goshgarh  

Govt Elementary School  Vill- Sasrali Colony  

Govt Elementary School  Vill- Sasrali  

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Buthgarh  

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Gdahpur  

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Goshgarh  

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Mangat  

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Garitogra  

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Gariseru  

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Garifajal  

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Mangali Khas  9501018182

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Wlipur  9879711198

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Kandeana Kalan  

Govt Elementary School  Salempur  9876124427

Govt Elementary School  Bhatia  

Govt Elementary School  Natt  

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Bajra  9417774113

Govt Elementary School  Vill-jageerpur  9814866922

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Dhola   9501555771

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Hvaas  9914120545

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Ravat  

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Dheri  9872163201

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Satoval  9814112863

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Chuharval  9463243014

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Kneja  9317502560

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Kasabad  9417659024

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Jmalpur Leli  9417463086

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Sujatvala  9356230229

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Kakowal  

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Noorwala  9988667557

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Mtewara  9465534737

Govt Elementary School  -Near police Station Daresi  

Govt Elementary School  Block-8l , Ishar Nagar  9780095700

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Bhoarde  9464765395

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Jhugiakadar  9815916507

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Bokar Gujra  

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Mangali Tanda  

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Kandeana Kurad  

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Jhugiabega  9915086727

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Garcha  

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Dholanwal  9501002673

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Khasikurad  9501033205

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Selkiana  

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Salempur  9463148691

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Jiwanpur  9872537050

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Meowal  

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Machia Kurad  

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Machia Kalan  

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Mand Chhota  9464765395

Govt Elementary School  Vill-Chhota  

Govt Elementary School  Mundia Kalan  9814440156

Govt Elementary School  Brampuri  2700087

Govt Girls Sr.Sec.School  Labour Colony , Jawahar Nagar Camp  

Govt High Secondary School Threeke  2805854

Govt High School  Gabdi  2852276

Govt High School  Dharor  

Govt High School  Tibba  

Govt High School  Jeoonewal  

Govt High School  Jeoonewal  

Govt High School  Dolo Kurad  2806132

Govt High School  Sariih  9814086195

Govt High School  Bhuta  

Govt High School  Guram  

Govt High School  Ramgarh  

Govt High School  Mangali Nichi  541964

Govt High School  Sahibana  2607299

Govt High School  Kohara  670610

Govt High School  Lakhowal  

Govt High School  Jandeyali  

Govt High School  pva  2844065

Govt High School  Katani Kalan  

Govt High School  Ayalli kurad  9464275041

Govt High School Brampuri 2470393

Govt High School Kundanpuri 2445563

Govt High School Jmalpur  

Govt High School Mundia Kalan 9876748099

Govt High School Chhauni Mohalla 5136023

Govt High School Sherpur Kalan  

Govt High School Girls Kila Raipur 2851705

Govt High Sec School Padi  

Govt High Sec School Jarkarh 2817590

Govt High Sec School Khanpur 2817872

Govt High Sec School Jasowal 2815100

Govt High Sec School Harnampura  

Govt Kania High School Madhopuri , Street No.1 9876518743

Govt Kania School Islamia Road 5080007

Govt Kaniya High School Wood Market 2730711

Govt Middel School Vill-Bhoarde  

Govt Middel School Giaspura  

Govt Middel School College Road  

Govt Middel School Giaspura 2516093

Govt Middel School Aasi kalan  

Govt Middel School Rniaa  

Govt Middel School Dangora 2807211

Govt Middel School Boothgarh Jattan  

Govt Middel School Vill-Raiia 2835854

Govt Middel School Vill-Mangat  

Govt Middel School Vill-Mtewara  

Govt Moddel Sr.Sec.School Dholewal Chowk 25544122

Govt Multi Purpus Sr.Sec.School Rekhi Road 2721936

Govt Primary /Middel School Budhewal 2843776

Govt Primary School Pharuwal  

Govt Primary School Mehlo  

Govt Primary School Gadhowal 2843290

Govt Primary School Nandpur  

Govt Primary School Sahnewal  

Govt Primary School Jandeyali  

Govt Primary School Mangali Nichi  

Govt Primary School Shabana 2602011

Govt Primary School Chabewal  

Govt Primary School Dhnanasu  

Govt Primary School Lalton Kalan 2806154

Govt Primary School Hamiupura 2807002

Govt Primary School Threeke  

Govt Primary School Mehmoodpura 9815930844

Govt Primary School Rattangarh  

Govt Primary School Haibowal Kalan  

Govt Primary School For Boys Kila Raipur  

Govt Primery School Saia Kalan  

Govt Primery School Saia Kurad  

Govt Primery School Bhagwanpura  

Govt Primery School Sariih 9814086195

Govt Primery School Alamgir 3114476

Govt Primery School Dulee 2812187

Govt Primery School Kalakh  

Govt Primery School Katra Chuharam  

Govt Primery School Guram  

Govt Primery School Seelo kurad  

Govt Primery School Bhuta  

Govt Primery School Butahri  

Govt Primery School Mukandpur  

Govt Primery School Nangal  

Govt Primery School Dhode  

Govt Primery School Rurka  

Govt Primery School Poheer  

Govt Primery School Khera  

Govt Primery School Lahira  

Govt Primery School Gopalpur  

Govt Primery School Rangia  

Govt Primery School Jartolli  

Govt Primery School Majri  

Govt Primery School Mahima Singh Wala  

Govt Primery School Narangwal Kalan 2864188

Govt Primery School Bhatia  

Govt Primery School Fagla 9872752731

Govt Primery School Habran  

Govt Primery School Buraz Labran 2871135

Govt Primery School Khera Baet 9316851679

Govt Primery School Dharor  

Govt Primery School Harnampura  

Govt Primery School Chupki  

Govt Primery School Tibba  

Govt Primery School Umedpur  

Govt Primery School Narinder Nagar 2602537

Govt Primery School Shahpur Road  

Govt Primery School Dhandari Kalan  

Govt Primery School Jugiana  

Govt Primery School Shahi Mohalla  

Govt Primery School Giaspura  

Govt Primery School Sherpur Khurd  

Govt Primery School Dhandari Kalan , Near Park 9357510963

Govt Primery School Narangwal Kalan  

Govt Primery School Dehlo  

Govt Primery School Khud Mohalla 9357387388

Govt Primery School Daresi Road , Fatehgarh 2471555

Govt Primery School Laxman Nagar  

Govt Primery School Nirankari Mohala  

Govt Primery School Vill-Jugiana 9888626801

Govt Primery School Islamganj  

Govt Primery School Dhandari Kalan , Near Park 2510092

Govt Primery School Sunaet  

Govt Primery School Bhamia Kalan 9501029151

Govt Primery School Sankar  

Govt Primery School Seelo Kalan  

Govt Primery School Girls Killa Raipur  

Govt School New Subhash Nagar 9023185355

Govt School Vill-Sekhewal Main Road 2228855

Govt Senior School Boys Kila Raipur 2854452

Govt Sr.Sec.School Vill-Mangat  

Govt Sr.Sec.School Gobind Nagar  

Govt Sr.Sec.School Nirankari Mohala  

Govt Sr.Sec.School Sunaet  

Govt. High School Street No.2 , Shimlapuri , Gill Road 2814028

Govt. Seniour.Secandary School Model Town 2431197

Govt.High School Indrapuri , Tajpur Road 9858533371

Govt.High School Kheri 2806572

Govt.High School Daad 2807211

Govt.High School Vill-Sekhewal 5184559

Govt.Middle School Chuharpur 9316714642

Govt.Middle School Haibowal Kalan  

Govt.Middle School Vill Jassian 2801769

Govt.Middle School , Nanak Nagar 2743826

Govt.Primary School Mansooran 9878903119

Govt.Primary School Bukhri Kalan 2653263

Govt.Primary School , Vill Jassian 2801272

Govt.Primary School , Karabara 2707956

Govt.Primary School , Peeru Banda 2744257

Govt.Primary School , Salem Tabri 2744965

Govt.Primary School , partap Singh Wala 9356470531

Govt.Senior.Secondary.School Dhandra 2815766

Govt.Sr.Sec.School koomkalan  

Govt.Sr.Sec.School Dhnanasu 2447712

Govt.Sr.Sec.School Bheni Sahib 2833459

Govt.Sr.Sec.School For Girls Katani Kalan 2834289

Govt.Sr.Sec.School Girls Sahnewal Kurad 2844819

playway schools in ludhiana



33ft Road, Bank Colony, Near Fish Farm Gate, Mundian Kalan, Ludhiana

Apple Tree Preschool

565-I block, Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar, Ludhiana



Balloons playway

512, Urban Estate, Phase-1, Near Old Police Station, Dugri, Ludhiana

Bcm Kindergarten

Shastri Nagar, Model Town, Ludhiana

Brainobrain Abacus school

Model House, Model Town, Ludhiana, 141002, Punjab

Cherry lane play school

B. R. S. Nagar, Ludhiana, 141001, Punjab, India

Childhood Kindergarten

Punjab Mata Nagar, Ludhiana, 141013, Punjab, India

Chocolate Faces Play Way Cum Day Care School

Churpur Road, Haibowal Kalan, Ludhiana, 141001, Punjab, India

Clay Preschool

Sector-32A, Chandigarh Road, Ludhiana, 141010, Punjab, India

Cynosure International Prep School

Adjoining Flower Enclave, Basant Vatika, Ludhiana, 141013, Punjab, India

Daffodil Pre School

Gurdev Nagar, Ludhiana, 141001, 

Hello Kids School

Opp. GNE College, Gill Road, Ludhiana, 141006


Haibiowal Kalan, Ludhiana


Kid Zone

Mohar Singh Nagar, Ludhiana, 141008, Punjab, India


Balloke Road, Haibowal Kalan, Ludhiana, 141001, Punjab, India

Kids Home Playway School

Sec -32, Chandigarh Road, Ludhiana, 141003, 

Kids World Playway School

Jamalpur, Ludhiana, 141010, Punjab, India

Little Blossom Nursery School

Model Gram, Ludhiana, 141002, Punjab, India

Little Steps Pre School

B.R.S. Nagar, Ludhiana, 141001, Punjab, India

Micky & Donald Playway School & Creche

Model Town Extension, Ludhiana, 141003, Punjab, India

Mothers Touch Kindergarten School

Rishi Nagar, Ludhiana, 141001, Punjab, India

Mother`s Pride Junior School

Model Gram, Pakhowal Road, Ludhiana, 141001, Punjab, India

Near Guru Nanak School, Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar, Ludhiana, 141001, Punjab, India


Focal Point, Ludhiana, 141010, Punjab, India

St Xaviers Playway School

Civil Lines, Ludhiana


Story Brooke Pre School

B. R. S. Nagar, Ludhiana, 141001, Punjab, India

Tiny Tots playway & nursery school

PH-2, Dugri, Ludhiana, 141003, Punjab, India

Toddlers Town Playway and Nursery School

Jassian Road, Haibowal Kalan, Ludhiana, 141001, Punjab



Arya College   

Civil Lines  

Arya College For Girls

Opp. Malerkotla House, Civil Line  

Arya College For Women   

Near Old DMC  

Arya Girls College  


Aastha College  

Opp. Bus Stand  


Gill Road  

A V M Senior Secondary School & College 

Basat Vihar Colony, Noorwala Road 

Baba Kundan College Of Education  

Bhamian Road, B/s Ansal Bachittar, Jamalpur 


Moti Nagar  

Bhutta College Of Education  

Alamgir-Rara Sahib Road , Bhutta  

BCM College Of Education  

Sec-32 A, Urban Estate, Chandigarh Road 

Baebal College  

Front Bonn Bread, Chandigarh Road 

Bhai Boora Khalsa College For Girls  




Bhutta Engineering College   



Phase-5, Focal Point  

Career College  

K.S.S Mkt, Gill Road, Comp.2, Ldh BusStand 

Central Tool Room  

A-5, Focal Point  

GNIMT College 

Gujarkhan Campus  Model Town 

Govt Polytechnic College for Girls  

Rishi Nagar, Haibowal Khurd  

Govt Inst of Tex Chemistry and Knitting Tech 

Block-z , Rishi Nagar  

Gobind National College  

Narangwal Kalan  


Civil Lines  


Kidawi Nagar  

Dayanand Medical College & Hospital 

Tagore Nagar, Civil Lines  

Engeeniring & Technology Collage  

Katani Kalan 

Punjab Tech University  

Goodwill Complex, Opp-Aarti Ciema, Fzr Rd 

Pratap College Of Education  

Hambran Road  


Old Sabzi Mandi  



Malwa Central College For Women  

Civil Lines 

Nighting Gale Nursing Institute


Guru Nanak Engg College  

Gill Road  

Guru Nanak College Of Education

Malerkotla Road, Vpo. Gopalpur, Near Dehlon 

Gujranwala Guru Nanak Instt Mgmt & Tech 

Ghumar Mandi, Civil Lines   

Goverment College For Women  

Backside Rakh Bagh, Bharat Nagar  

Goverment College For Boys  

College Road  


Noorwala Road  

Gobindgarh College Of Education  

Alour, Behind GPS/PIMT Campus, Mandi Gob 


Partap Singh Wala  


Dr. Ambadker Nagar  

GGN Khalsa College  

Civil Lines  

G M T College Of Education  

Jalandhar Bypass Chowk, Kidwai Nagar 

D D Jain College  

Kidwai Nagar, Industrial Area A  


Gill Road  

Industrial Education Center  

Rani Jhansi Road  


Rishi Nagar  

Kamla Lohtia Sanatan Dharam College

Subhash Nagar, Daresi Road

Ldh College of Engg & Tech 

Katani Kalan Ludhiana-Chandigarh Highway  

Lord Mahavir Homoeopathic Medical C& H 

Kichlu Nagar, Civil Lines   

Sikh Missionary College  

Kucha No 14, Field Ganj  

Guru Nanak Girls College  

Model Town  

Guru Nanak Polytechnique  

Model Town  



Private B.Ed. College   

Partap College of Education  

Hambran Road 

Khalsa College For Women  

Ghumar Mandi 

R & D (Reserch And Devlopment) College 

Phase-5, Plot No.B 38,39 Focal Point  

Ramgharia Girls College  

G T Road , Miller Ganj 

Satguru Ram Singh Polytechnic for Women 

Haibowal Khurd, Rishi Nagar 

S Kartar Singh Sarabha Group (Med), Sarabha  

Ludhiana Rural 

Sigma College of Nursing  Sigma Institute

Sri Guru Nanak Dev Homoeopathic MC & H 

Canal Road, Barewal, Near PAU, Via Ayali Kalan 

The Institution of Civil Engineers (India) 

Career House, Bindra Complex, Model Town 

Saraswati College  

Mat Di Chakki, Simlapuri 

Shri Vidya Sagar Insitute of Paramed Sciences 

Sherpur Byepass 



SDP College For Women  

Daresi Road 


tuition centres in ludhiana


Anil Coaching Center

Providing Tutorials Services For all classes

Janta Nagar, Ludhiana, 1410, Punjab, India

Arnica Institute of Commerce and Science

We provide wide range of tuition facilities. Upto 10th class : All Subjects 11 & 12 : Commerce, Science & Math, B.Com, BBA, MBA All Computer Languages : C, C++, Java with practical guidance An affordable fee structure

Civil Lines, Ludhiana, 141001, Punjab, India

Aspire Institute of Commerce

Coaching Classes for +1 & +2 Commerce

Kitchlu Nagar, Ludhiana, 141001, Punjab, India

Brainobrain Abacus kids Academy

Brainobrain improves concentration, memory , speed , accuracy , learning abilities etc of kids of 4-14 years. Brainobrain course includes abacus, NLP and personality dev activities

Ghumar Mandi, Civil Lines, Ludhiana, 141001, Punjab, India


Chitwanization-CCTC is the Company Where We Provide Tuitions 6th to 10th Maths ; Science, +1 ; +2 (Medical,Non-Medical), Computer Courses, Programming Languages Training, Job Placement, Accounts Course, Tax E-Filling, Online Form Filling Like Jobs, Admission , Compartment.

Phase 1 Road, Dugri, Ludhiana, 141003

Chiranjiv Pal Kaur

Providing Tutorials Services For X Class

60, MODEL TOWN, Ludhiana, 141002, Punjab, India

Coaching Centre

Students can come and join the best coaching and they can built there future

Barewal Road, Ludhiana, 141012, Punjab, India

Digital Paathshala

 Main Market, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar, Ludhiana, 141002 

Fosters Edu Hub

Ranjodh Park, Haibowal, Ludhiana, 141001, Punjab, India

Future Tech It/Ielts Center

Tutorials Services For all classes and  English Speaking course and IELTS

Near Bus Stand, Harnam Nagar, Railway Phatak, Model Town, Ludhiana, 141002



Chandigarh Road, Kohara, Ludhiana, 141112, Punjab, India


Model Town, Dugri Road, Atam Nagar, Ludhiana, 141001, Punjab, India

Hallmark Tutorials

Class 11,12 commerce all subjects, Test series also available

78, Basant Vihar, Ludhiana, 141013, Punjab, India

jyotie tuition centre

Providing Tutorials Services For all Subjects and classes

Model Gram, Ludhiana, 141002, Punjab, India

K2 Solutions Institute

Medical Non Medical tuition Classes 

Novelty Plaza, Ferozepur Road, Ludhiana 141001, Punjab, INDIA

Maths Tuitions

Tutorials Services For all Maths classes

Green Field, Pakhowal Road, Ludhiana, 141001, Punjab, India

Maths Tutorials

Science and Maths Coaching classes up to class 10th

BRS NAGAR, I BLOCK, Ludhiana, 141001, Punjab, INDIA



Kipps Market, sarabha nagar, Ludhiana, 141001, Punjab, India

New Vision Coaching Center

Providing Tutorials Services For X and IX Class

Basti Jodhewal , Subhash Nagar, RAHON ROAD, Ludhiana, 141007, Punjab, India

Next Generation Tuition Centre

Providing Tutorials Services For all Commerce classes and CBSE

Main market, Above basant, Dugri Urban Estate, Ludhiana, 141003, 



Nitesh Vihar, Near Lazeez Marbles, Dhandra Road, Ludhiana, 141013, Punjab, India

Panacea Bharti

coaching for Government jobs 

Near Bhai Wala Chownk, Ferozepur Road, Ludhiana, 141001, Punjab, India

PELTC Pvt. Ltd.

Motivational Lectures training on Behavioural Skills, Spoken English etc.

Knowledge Park, STEP GNDEC, Gill Road, Ludhiana, 141006, Punjab

3rd floor, CN Tower, Adjoining Passport office, Link Road, Ludhiana, 141003

Royal Scholarly World

Coaching classes up to class 10th and Daily test series.

Gobind Nagar, Near Vishal Nagar, Pakhowal Road, SBS Nagar, Ludhiana, 141013

Sachdeva Tutorials

Special coaching for +1, +2 -commerce , BBA , MBA, HOME TUITION 

Opp BCM School, Shastri Nagar, Ludhiana, 141002, Punjab, India

Seema Goyal

CA Finalist provides coaching for all commerce subjects to B.Com, M.Com

Railway colony, Sherpur, Ludhiana, 141010, Punjab, India

Sharma Tuition Center

Providing Tutorials Services For Class XII Commerce

Near Shaligram Jain Public School, salem Tabri, Ludhiana, 141008, Punjab, India

Singh's Gurukul

Coaching for all commercial classes,, CA-CPT

Bharpur Nagar, Tajpur Road, Ludhiana, 141007, Punjab, India

Sunny Coaching Classes

Professional Coaching For :- IX, X (Science, Maths), +1, +2 (Physics, Chemistry, Maths), JEE-Main/Advance, B.Sc. (Physics, Chemistry, Maths), IIT-JAM, (Diploma/Degree)

ST. NO. 1, SHAM NAGAR, BUS STAND, Ludhiana, 141001, Punjab, India

Tech Tutorials

Home/ group tutions for BCA, MCA, BTECH. Mtech, 10th, 11t,12th IP, Web design

Miller Ganj, Ludhiana, 141001, Punjab, India

Technowave Global Studies

Spoken English, IELTS, Personality Development, Computer Course and Home Tuitions

Samrala Chawk, Chandigarh Road, Ludhiana, 141008, Punjab, India


Home Tutors For All Subjects/ All Classes in All parts of Ludhiana at nominal fee.

The Mall Road, Above Nikkamal Jewellers., Bharat Nagar Chowk, Ludhiana, 141001, 

V Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Linux/Unix Training, All I.T. Subjects, Python, PHP, C, C++, Programming, Batch Scripting, Software Consultancy

Near Kochar Market Chowk, Model Gram, Ludhiana, 141002, Punjab, India

Vijay Inder Computer Center

Institutes For Computer Training

Near S.A.N Jain School, Daresi, Ludhiana, 141001, Punjab, India

vision Language School

IELTS,Spoken english ,Italian Language And various computer courses such as computer basic, Designing, Accounts and tuition for Accounts, Non medical streams.

Partap Chowk, Dholewal, Ludhiana, 141003, Punjab, India